Project team

The system was developed between July and December 2006 as a cooperation of the project teams listed below. After an intense testing period the system has now been rolled out and currently used by Austrian CML-Centers.



Scientific Board

The scientific board was founded to guide and control the development of the CML-Registry.


Members of the scientific board




Österreichische Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie (OeGHO)

Patronage, content-responsibility, data management & maintenance


The goal of the OeGHO (Austrian society for haematology and oncology) is to advance the treatment of patients with haematological or oncological diseases to the highest possible standard. This includes prevention, early-diagnosis, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare at different intervention levels.

Central European Leukemia Study Group (CELSG)

Initiator + functional & formalistic concept


The Central European Leukemia Study Group (CELSG) foundet 1999 to establish a corporative network of clinical centers in central and southeastern europe.


The CELSG is primarily developing and implementing academic clinical studies sponsored by the industry, which are align to the good clinical pratice guidelines.

asoluto public + interactive relations

Consulting & project-management, interfaceconcept, -design & -technology, quality-management & support


asoluto public + interactive relations is a strategically oriented communications agency with extensive experience and in-depth know-how in the areas of public relations and interactive media.


The team consists of approximately 25 communication and technology experts who develop and implement holistic solutions with passion, innovative spirit and attention to detail. What makes us special is that content, design and technology meet on equal terms and are developed together from their inception through to the strategy and implementation.


A key aspect of our solution is user experience i.e. usability + attractiveness + retrievability + usefulness + trustworthiness + accessibility.


Projectmanager:   DI Martin Verdino

OeKB Business Services GmbH

Technical concept, development & implementation, quality-management, technical support & hosting


OeKB Business Services GmbH (OeKB-BS) is a specialized software service provider owned by Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG. We support our customers with professional software solutions that are characterized by the highest standards of quality, security and reliability.


Our portfolio of solutions comprises individual software solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of our customers, as well as standard software for selected application areas. We integrate each of these solutions perfectly into existing system environments. In doing so, we rely on proven technologies such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Office and SharePoint.


Project-manager:   Mag. Thomas Spanel

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